Gymnasium zone
5,700-square-foot gym fully equipped with a high-end TechnoGym lineups. You can experience a true healing by running in a treadmill with the Han-river view. You will be offered differentiated programs e.g., strength exercise, obesity management for health, therapeutic rehabilitation, and exercise habituation programs, etc according to your conditions based on systematic diagnosis of your physical strength.

Free weight zone
In the free weight zones constructed with the finest flooring for shock absorption and safety during exercise, you can perform various exercises based on body weight or weight of suitable weight.

Stretching zone
The stretching zone is designed to allow you to stretch comfortably in pre-workout and post-workout workouts.


6,405-square-foot indoor pool with a height of more than 7 meters offers you freedom while you enjoy swimming. (Main pool : 4 lanes of 25 M, Baby pool : 2 lanes of 15 M) Best water quality with filter circulation. In particular, there is a separate boys/girls shower room for children only, and there is also a space where parents can look down on the swimming pool for them to watch kids to swim. Personalized lesson programs tailored to age and skill, from youth to adults, allow you to learn swimming easily from swimming basics to professional levels. Lastly, English lessons are available for foreigners.


5,700 square-foot indoor golfing facility with 15 Full-Auto Tee-Up systems. In particular, the state-of-the-art GDR system allows you to enjoy golf with scientific posture correction and games. Screen golf system will offer you to experience world-famous golf courses in 18-hole full course.

There is a short-term field tackle for beginners and a kids golf club for children. In particular, Junior Golf uses the equipment called SNAG (Starting New At Golf) to help children who are starting golf to get familiar with golf by inducing excitement. Swing corrections and short game lessons that match your skills can help you build effective skills. Finally, you can network around golf with the Wellperion Golf community.


We use world’s best Pilates equipment with safety. Spacious place offers you to exercise in a pleasant atmosphere. Pilates is effective for body balance, harmonious muscle development, and flexibility development.

1. Fascia Relaxation Program: It is effective for loosening fascia to increase range of motion and relieve pain and rehabilitation.
2. Program for a parent with a child : It is effective to improve the athletic ability as well as the intimacy and bonding with the child by using the tool and props together with the exercise method.
3. Youth Pilates: This program focuses on improving concentration and growth. It is effective in improving balance, power, and physical fitness.
4. Men’s pilates : A program that focuses on flexibility and range of motion considering the physical characteristics of men and is effective in maintaining balance.


We have international standard squash courts and offer you customized 1:1 lessons tailored to levels. It is an optimal aerobic exercise for calorie consumption, managing obesity, and relieving stress. There is a community for you to enjoy a game of squash for those with intermediate or advanced skills.

1. A program for a parent with kids: Simple stretching, posing, and ball action. Children aged 6 or older can learn to squash together with their mom or dad and improve their athletic ability, as well as their intimacy and bond with their children.
2. Game Program: For those with intermediate levels or higher will be able to practice the techniques of drop, pattern practice, bali, kill shot, turning shot, etc.

g.x. + Yoga

Yoga, body fit, stretching, core Pilates, Zumba, and other programs to enhance the stability and flexibility of the mind and body are prepared. This will allow you to pursue the balance and beauty of your body and add an exciting rhythm to your lifestyle. You can enjoy a variety of programs in comfort and ease with complete accessories for complete sound and lighting facilities and programs.

- Yoga: Body and mind stabilization programs through various body movements, breathing and meditation
- Body Fit: posture correction program to hold body shape
- Line Dance: A program where several people perform the same action on more than one line. - Prop Pilates: Pilates program using jumbo ball, foam roller, mini rod, pillar band on mat
- Mat Pilates: Pilates program on mat
- Core Fit: a program to train core muscles beautifully
- Zumba: dance fitness program to exercise full-body music to music


Designed for comfort and stability, the exclusive area of 12,811-square-feet sauna has been designed for rest and relaxation. A wide range of jacuzzis to help with muscle relaxation, blood circulation and metabolism, Hinoki dry sauna, wet sauna, sleeping room provide relaxing healing in the center of the city. Premium shower amenities, powder rooms with basic cosmetics and personal lockers add convenience.