Wellperion Annual Membership

1 How do I register for Wellperion annual memberships?

Annual membership programs are available offline. If you visit Wellperion, you will be informed in the fitness counseling room and fill out the application form. In addition to membership programs, you can get friendly consultation about various lesson programs.

2 Is it possible to purchase a one-day ticket?

If you are considering a new membership, you will receive a free one-day experience program at the reservation only once per person. (24 hours advance reservation required)
If you intend to enter for a personal purpose, you can enter the club by paying a fee of 39,000 KRW a day.

3 What should I do to sign up a club tour or get a membership consultation?

If you leave your contact through “Book a tour” on our homepage, our agent will call you within 24 hours.
If you would like to make a reservation now, please call us at 02-6261-1200 and make a reservation. We will be happy to help you.

1 웰페리온 W.S.C.는 무엇인가요?

웰페리온 W.S.C는 한남동을 대표하는 신개념 유소년 스포츠 프로그램 입니다.

웰페리온은 대한민국 최고 수준의 유소년 스포츠 프로그램 9개 종목을 진행하고 있으며, 온 가족이 즐길 수 있는 One-Stop 인프라를 지향합니다.

[투어 및 문의] 02-6261-1200

2 웰페리온 W.S.C. 수영이 궁금합니다.

웰페리온 W.S.C 수영 안내 입니다.

연령 | 6세 ~ 16세
수업 시간 | 50분 수업 진행
* 스케줄 협의 필요

1. 입장 – 회원카드 체크
2. 키즈 샤워실 – 수영복 환복
3. 수영 50분 수업
4. 키즈 샤워실 – 샤워 후 사복 환복
5. 퇴실

수영복, 수경, 수영모, 편한 복장

[수영 스케줄 협의 및 문의]
T. 송민근 팀장 : 010-2717-8000

3 웰페리온 W.S.C 체조 및 트램폴린이 궁금합니다.

웰페리온 W.S.C 체조 및 트램폴린 안내입니다.
기계체조 기반의 다양한 체조 동작을 배우고, 다양한 난이도의 동작들을 Level 1 – 10 까지 습득합니다.

4 웰페리온 W.S.C. 스쿼시 궁금합니다.

웰페리온 W.S.C. 스쿼시 안내입니다.
국제 규격 사이즈 코트와 연습 코트에서 총 4분의 코치님과 함께 기초부터 게임반까지 훈련합니다.

연령 |  8세 – 16세
수업 시간 |  50분 수업
* 스케쥴 협의 필요

[스쿼시 스케쥴 협의 및 문의]
T. 지형순 팀장 : 010-3485-2046

5 웰페리온 W.S.C. 골프 궁금합니다.

웰페리온 W.S.C. 골프 안내입니다.
쥬니어 전용 연습장과 GDR 및 스크린골프장, 퍼팅 공간까지 보유한 곳에서 최고의 프로들과 실력을 키웁니다.

연령 | 7세 – 16세
수업 시간 | 50분 수업
* 스케쥴 협의 필요

[골프 스케쥴 협의 및 문의]
T. 김태엽 프로 : 010-8734-6588


1 After joining as an annual membership, is it possible to experience various lesson programs?

Yes! We offer free trial lessons for all members. Experience 1:1 orientation programs now. (Reservation required)

2 Do you have any lesson programs in English? (e.g., for foreigners who work at the embassy, those who are more comfortable with English)

Lessons are available in English, such as swimming, pilates, and golf. Many foreigners are taking lessons at Wellperion now.
Please contact us and we will be happy to help you. (02-6261-1200)

3 Are sportswear and towels available?

Wellperion is equipped with sportswear, socks, towels, and shower amenities for our members. Please bring sports shoes for indoors, then you can enjoy various sports.


1 Are Von Estis Spa and Beautevue Hairshop only through reservation?

Yes. You can use the services only through reservation in advance. Please call Von Estis (02-794-5864) or Beautivu (02-6263-9100) for making a reservation.


1 Are Wellperion Sports Club are kids/youths only programs?

Wellperion Sports Club provides programs for children ages 5 to 13 years. If your children is younger than 5 or older than 13, please contact us.

2 What is Wellperion Sports Club?

Wellperion Sports Club (WSC) are the youth/kids only programs at Wellperion. Lessons for Swimming, PT, Squash, Pilates, Gymnastics & Trampoline, SNAG golf, Tee-ball, and Ice Hockey are available.


1 Regular operation hours and regular closing time?

Operating hours are 6:00 am to 10:30 pm on weekdays, and 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekends.
We are closed on the second and fourth Sunday of every month, Chuseok holidays, and New Years day.