Youth Musical Program; Brad Little’s Star Academy

Brad Little's Star Academy

Brad Little’s Musical Academy is a youth-specialized musical academy created by Wellperion and world-renowned musical actor Brad Little in late 2019.

Each week, age 5 to 12, boys and girls gather here in Hannam with Brad to reimagine their dreams into song and dance, learning the craft of acting while using their vibrant youth to create unforgettable real life memories.

After 3months, there will be special showcase.

Brad Little

Broadway musical actor, Brad Little, has acted as the protagonist in “The Phantom of the Opera” over 2700times. Now globally renowned, he has performed in some of the world’s most famous plays from “Jekyll and Hyde”, “Cats” and many more.

Born in 1964, Brad moved from California to New York to pursue his dream as an actor. He went on his first national at just the age of 20, and the following year performed in his first broadway musical. Now in his fifties, Little’s legendary career continues on, while he simultaneously shares his passion and knowledge of the craft with the children here at Wellperion.

Welcome to “Brad Little’s Star Academy”

Our Program

70 min

meet once a week (70min)


12 week program (3 months)

Final Showcase

Group/Solo/Duet Showcase

Final Showcase

We invite children to the world of musical

What is the enrollment process?
Please call Wellperion at 02-6261-1200 or hotline 010-8591-9158 for detailed information

Season. 1

This is the Greatest Show

Season. 2

Hard Knock Life
from ANNIE

Season. 3

My Favorite Things & Do-Re-Mi

Season. 4


Started in August (all classes booked)

Season. 5


– Starts in 2022 January (subject to change)
– booking available

Let’s make Theatre a Lifestyle!

Musical Academy

1 Where is the location?

– It holds at Wellperion, a premium lifestyle club located in Hannam-dong. Wellperion is a cultural complex with a variety of sports programs for adults and children (P.T Pilates, Swimming, Golf, Squash, Gymnastics, etc.), in a safe and pleasant environment.

2 Does Brad actually teach in class?

– All classes have been taught by acting musical professionals from the Star Academy team according to the curriculum created by Mr.Brad Little. Mr.Brad will teach some of the classes, however this part is not guaranteed.

3 What is the composition of each season and class assignment?

– Every season, Brad Little and professional teachers work together to plan the showcase, depending on children’s tendencies, gender, musical exposure and interests. We make many things together, including the selection of musicals and songs that children prefer.
– There will be; baby class ages 6-7, regular class ages 8-12 (can be separated by new comers and returnees)

4 What is Showcase?

– Wellperion Brad Little’s Star Academy is divided into regular season classes and 1month trial classes. The regular season consists of a total of 12 weeks (3 months) program, and in the last week, we will hold a showcase, a performance that everyone has prepared together. The venue was held at Wellperion in season1 and 2 and for season 3, we performed in Daehakno theater.


1 Program/Curriculum

– 70min course every week – warm ups, exercises, games, music, drama, showcase rehearsals, warm downs

How to enroll

1 How can we join the program?

– All 6 classes of season4 have been booked. Please contact us for next seson reservation. Season5 will start in January 2022. (subject to change)

2 How often do you open seasons?

– We plan to open three seasons a year. (depends on Covid situations)

3 Payment method?

– All seasons are closed in order of payment. Even if you are registered on a first-come-first-served basis, if the deposit is not confirmed within the set schedule (on-site payment or transfer of account), the booking can be cancelled.